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ESCHEL is the one-stop-shop for bandage dress lovers! Located in Downtown Dubai it is the ultimate destination for ladies who love body-con styles. The Swedish owned brand opened it's doors 2 years ago and has since been a hot-spot amongst the city's most stylish fashionistas.

With their extensive range of all things bandage, it boasts a fabulous dress selection along with skirts, tops, swimwear and more. It has become a favourite for those who love to flatter their curves and get luxury high end quality at high street prices.

Boutique owner Nicole knows how every woman wants to feel and look their best but can often have insecurities about certain body parts so has created a brand that can be refered to as the "dress and spanx combined". The strong stretch material has the ability to give the illusion of a much slimmer silhouette. Most customers think that the boutique has had their mirrors adjusted as they cannot believe themself when they put a dress on!

Aware that there are many other brands selling bandage items, ESCHEL differentiates itself by the guarantee that their quality and service is what sets it's high standard above the rest and they also offer a free of charge tailoring service so that every customer can get that perfect fit.

Understanding that mall carparks can be a a pain, the boutique is idealy located with parking infront of the door making it a hassle free experience. New collections are brought often to give variety at a fast pace. The customers have become loyal and great fans of the brand, proving that ESCHEL has achieved what it set out to do, give the customers what they  really want!

Now, for the fun part..
The Vanity is collaborating with Eschel to giveaway a skirt to one winner, open internationally. The Giveaway will end on April 23, 2014 at 12am CLT. Winners will be announced on April 24, 2014.

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