Butter London Lippy Tinted balm review in Nutter

I have always loved the nail polish range from Butter London-they last long, shades variation is amazing, great glossy or matte finishes and didn't chip off easily. Checkout my previous review on Butter london nailpolish review.

They have produced their beauty collection recently in the market (by recently I mean in the last 5 years or less). The range varies from eyeliners, mascaras, blush and lip balms. In this post, I will be reviewing the tinted lip balm in the shade Nutter

The lip balm is very soft, fairly pigmented and good coverage and opacity. Its is scented in almost cupcake scent.

Nutter is a light nude shade with brown undertones. It is non sticky, creamy and has a very moisturizing formula, that is why the name lip balm came from. So, Its is a lipstick, but has more qualifications of a lip balm.

The lipbalm is in a chic black  packaging with the logo on one side of it.

The color lasted for 3 hours with minimal reapplying.
Do I recommend this? YES

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