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Most days I'm in my jeans wearing a sweater and flats, even to work. So, I don't tend to wear makeup on my regular weekdays. But, to break the routine, I like to galm up in the weekends, even if it was for a simple cup of coffee in the warm sun, and that's when I tend to test out new products to write my reviews.

Recently, I have been hearing a lot about Velour Lashes recently from many beauty gurus either on youtube or their blogs, and I have been very curious and wanted to try them and see what all this fuss about. Luckily, Velour lashes sent me a pair of their Naughty Me lashes :)

Velour Lashes was founded by two best friends, Mabel and Angela, from Toronto, Canada. The idea behind the company is that the lashes are high quality, and exemplify luxury, sophistication, and elegance.  The lashes are 100% mink, which gives a natural effect and look to the eyes.

They looked so lovely and beautiful in a purple cardboard box where you can for reusing. 
 And, that's what I wore for a party this weekend.

Those lashes are very flare, wispy, and fluttery in a criss cross manner, which adds density to the roots of the lashes and volume till the tips. However, the lashes are too long, so if you had a small lid or a hooded eyes, this wouldn't suit you. However, this suited me like perfect since I have a huge lid.

Despite the density, I didn't feel it heavy on my lids and they didn't irritate my eye, which is what I cared most about :)

Do I recommend those lashes, hell yes! :D

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