The day I regretted wearing the pretty white sweater

Lately, the weather has been a tad crazy, maybe a little bit more. The point is, My brother got me this amazingly pretty sweater from Mango Spain, and that I have been dying to wear since the weather started to get a little bit warmer. However, there has been a serious fluctuation in the weather (hot-cold-extreme heat wave- crazy cold weather with ice rocks falling from the sky!). In between, I thought what the heck, even if it got a bit hot, how hot would that be?! Silly me, I didn't plan that last Friday morning would be THAT HOT! I was literally sweating wearing that sweater while having breakfast by the Nile at Left Bank. Nevertheless, I loved wearing it, if felt trendy, luxurious with a pop of punk pairing it with my (sort of leather-y) jeans and my pretty new flats from my favorite store (yes, you have guess it right), Sole Society.

Sweater: Mango
Jeans: H&M
Shades: Dolce & Gabanna
Flats: Sole Society
Clutch: Sole Society
Earring: Aldo
Ring: Menna Khalil MK

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