The Body Shop’s original and iconic body butter now available in uplifting Blueberry

Enjoy an invigorating, blueberry bursting experience!

The Body Shop has announced the launch of its new Special Edition Blueberry range, packed with Community Fair Trade ingredients.

In 1992 The Body Shop introduced the world to Body Butter, a concept largely developed by founder of The Body Shop Anita Roddick, who wanted her products to be thick and creamy enough to spread like butter from the fridge. The Body Shop now offers over 20 varieties of Body Butter in fruity, nutty and floral scents, including Special Edition Blueberry, the latest butter bursting with moisture and mood-boosting scent.

 The Special Edition Blueberry range contains Blueberry Seed Oil, rich in Vitamin E which provides long-lasting moisturisation and skin nourishment. It also contains Community Fair Trade Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter from Ghana. Shea forms a barrier on the skin, protecting it and locking in moisture, whilst Cocoa softens and smoothes the skin.

Through this Community Fair Trade programme, The Body Shop buys the highest quality ingredients directly from small producer communities around the world, paying a fair price that enables families and communities to invest in their future.

The Blueberry range includes Body Lotion, Body Butter, Body Scrub-Gelee, a gentle exfoliating scrub that leaves skin smelling like freshly picked blueberries and looks like real blueberry jam; the Blueberry Lip Butter; the Shower Gel and a fun bath sponge with a cute blueberry face.

“Best sellers for over 20 years at The Body Shop - one body butter is sold every 2 seconds - these butters are full of unique ingredients, scents and textures to suit all preferences. Good for your skin and good for the world, each Body Butter is made with the finest ethically-sourced ingredients from the four corners of the globe for the ultimate skin nourishing experience,” Said Brett Lilley, business manager at The Body Shop Middle East.

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