Rimmel scandeleyes rocking curves review

You know my passion for Rimmel's mascara, & this one was more of a challenge to me to prove that Rimmel's mascaras are adequate and as good (..and even better) than high end mascaras. 

The packaging: is really different to any mascara I've ever seen, with sort of punk black snake skin pattern surrounding it. It's in the same large tube that almost all of the Rimmel Scandaleyes mascaras come in.

The wand: The main defining factor of this mascara is the wand. The wand looks pretty curvy crazy! But what the waved shape is meant to do, is allow you to reach the small lashes in your inner corner and along your lower lash line with the end of the wand, and lift the body of your lashes with the larger end.

Application: Instead of applying this mascara like you would a normal bristle wand mascara, all you do is rotate the wand up and into your lashes. The rotating motion ends up curling your lashes! Make sure you wiggle both ways too by using the wand applicator both ways - horizon and diagonally onto your lashes.  With more strokes you do the thicker and fuller effect you will get. 

Does it fulfill the challenge? HELL YES!

Like the crazy wand and willing to try it out?
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