M.A.C Superslick Eye Liner COCKINESS shimmery rose gold review

Rose Gold has been the trend this winter, Rose Gold makes me feel pretty, chic & sophisticated!! M.A.C's Riri collections (yes with an 's'), has been all about the gold rose packaging which I am crazy about. But, creating a Super Slick Eyeliner in Cockiness, which has a rose gold packaging and also a rose gold shade of liner, may just be the coolest Rose Gold item of lust I have come across since Micheal Kors Rose Gold Watches (still haven't bought them- my best friend does and I may take advantage of her watch for an gold rose accessories post, who knows!).  

Super Slick Eyeliner in Cockiness is a “shimmery rose gold [with a Frost finish].” It’s a bright medium copper with a slight hint of pink, gold, and copper shimmer particles. I tried to look at it several different lightings, (from shade to sunlight, florescent light, you name it) to see if it turned more rose gold, but it always looked coppery. So, now that is quite disappointing for me ( where is my rose gold shade :( ..!). It has a very good pigmentation in one single stroke. The shade ain't bad at all, its just that I have a problem with naming shades with what not they are t

Although the eyeliner dries verrrrrrrrrrrry fast its almost unbelievable, it is easy to remove with a cleansing oil or eye makeup remover that is oil based.  They are definitely waterproof and smudge-proof once dried, without flaking or fading. The consistency, however, is sort of watery, yet it is controlable.

These don’t really seem like the type of products I’d reach for on a daily basis, but I definitely enjoy using them to add a little sparkle and shimmer to the inner corner of my eye to complete my look, on top of black eyeshadow, above a black ink liner, or underneath my lower-lash liner.This is an eyeliner to accessorize your eyeliner with. 

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