Lise Watier Ombre Souffle supreme eyeshadow Review

A soft, blendable, velvet-like, mousse-like cream eyeshadow. Lise Watier's website describes it as an "air-whipped texture." I got this before in Wantable's June 2013 beauty box, that I didn't get the chance to test it except a couple of months ago, and I was like "why did I ever ditch this beauty in my vanity's drawer?!"

The Shade I got it, Taupe Fantasia, is a Bronze taupe shade with lots of silver shimmer. It applies incredibly easily, and it doesn't set so quickly, which I see as an advantage. Its a cream- to powder eyeshadow.

I'm a brown eyeshadow fanatic. If I see one that's just a leeeeetle different from one (of many) I already have, I start fantasizing about it. It's  just so wearable and practical. 

For those who compare this to M.A.C's paintpot, I'd say, the only similar thing between this and M.A.C's paintpot, is the pot/packaging! Not the product, nor the texture..nothing. This is air-whipped while M.A.C's is creamy.
This eyeshadow lasted 4 hours on its own on my eyelid, and 7 hours with eyeshadow on top. 

It came with sponge tip applicator, which, of course, I have discarded!
Price: $24
Do I reccomend it? Yes!

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