Flat out of Heels, the best heels sub. is now here in Egypt!

Founder: Dawn Dickson, in 2011.The company is based in Miami Beach, Florida. Their first collection of rollable flats was released in August 2011. The product was redesigned and a more durable shoe was permanently introduced with the Spring 2012 Collection. Franchised in Egypt in 2013 by ASM Group.
 It is the mission of Flat Out of Heels to make rollable flat shoes conveniently available to women across the globe online ,in stores and through vending machines . By creating the most stylish,compact,comfortable and durable rollable flats they will rescue the feet of women and leave them smiling all the way down to their toes. Women never again have to walk barefoot because of high heel pain!

They promise to….
•Inspire moments of comfort and happiness
•Provide unparalleled customer service
•Exemplify a commitment to the communities we serve and to the environment we all share

You can change your high heels to the rollable ballerinas whenever you are at:
•When you need something comfortable…

Product description…
•100%Machine Washable
•PU upper shoe with skid-resistant,stylish red soles
•Elastic heel provides a better fit
•Roll up to fit in any handbag
•Comes with vinyl bag for storage and keepsake box
•Made in China
•Sizes:S,M,L,XL(Sizes 36-42)
•Colors available:black,silver,gold,red,leopard

You can reach Flat out of Heels Egypt via:


Like the idea? Are you gonna try Flat out heels?

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