Cairo Fashion Runway event

Within fashion key players and celebrities, Red Square Agency for events & activations brought to us “The Fashion Runway”, the first fashion competition of its kind across the Middle East.

The competition started last October with the selection day. After three month of hard work starting with the organizing company “Red Square” to the competitors and ending with the Juries we all reached to the final event on the 12th and 13th of December.

The competition lasted for two days including a closing ceremony for the Egyptian fashion designer Hany El Behairy which took place at Sofitel cairo El Gizera Hotel.

The Juries included Ragaa el Gedawy, Hany el Behairy, Youssef Spahi, Mohamed Abdel Hamid, Eman Afifi, Moahmed tolba, Mohmed Elsagher and the guest of honor the super star Doraa.

The Event also included colorful fashion show by Jotun the main sponsor in The Fashion Runway, also there were tuxedos fashion show by Maximus and bridal exhibition.

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