Bourjois Matte Finish lip gloss in 04 Peach Club review

Bourjois Makes me happy, Bourjois makes me glad, Bourjois makes me feel like their products are the best I have ever had! (here you go Bourjois, I made a song for you!) Possessing their hot newcolor for the season feels like owning a Gem of their own.
What I love the most is the way Rouge Edition Velvet applies; it simply glides over the lips while staying put for ages. Reminds me a bit of Rimmel Apocalips.

The pigment is super intense, they have a light feel and a good bit of play time before they set into place. They don't feel drying at.  The applicator is perfectly shaped for good precision. It's the finish of the season, matte, the colour pay-off is excellent and the formula feels light-as-air when you’re wearing it.

Basically, Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks are brilliant. This is a serious score for Bourjois. They have managed, again, to produce a high-end feel and quality, high performance and high fashion product for the high street. I don't actually have the price right now but I am going to update as soon as I know. 

Are you going to purchase the new Bourjois matte finish lip glosses? Have a shade in mind?

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