Simply Spoiled haul of the month/ Febrauary

This is some haul I got from Simply spoiled. Their collection range from Cosmetics, nail polish to hair accessories. This haul consists of their purple/blue eyshadow palette, nail polish art in white, another one by Art Deco in silver, nail fur in pink, face jewel in green to stick on ,Hair braid wraps in beige & camel, and big hair puff.

Green sparkles to glam up your eyes for a custom party. I also used it for my nails, worked perfect for both.
The pink fur fluff with gold shimmer is for your nail, do NOT use this for your eyes.
Art Deco in silver to do lines and nail art, and Yh in white is better to do dots, circles and wider shapes.
A Perfect eyeshadow palette for those with brown and green eyes, glam up day to night.

A braided hair bandana.

For a perfect hair bun, you will need one of these. Also, for veiled girls, to do a perfect turban wrap, but with short hair, you won't have to worry about it.

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