Ole Henriksen eye CC cream

Undereyes area is a problem area for so many people – from fine lines, to full-on crows feet, or dark circles and puffiness. It can be a challenge for some people to find a product that looks at solving all these problems.

This CC cream doesn't do much of covering, but is full of moisture so it leaves the area plumped rather than exposing fine lines more than before. The fact that it includes SPF is a real selling point too. The under-eye area is the most delicate area of skin, and can be prone to ageing through sun exposure, yet is almost always forgotten. Am I the only one who is guilty of probably not being thorough enough with SPF application around the eyes?! I guess not.
Overall, if you’re after a great all-rounder skincare and make-up product for the eye area then you will love this. Downside? Limited shade choice – this is the light shade and you would probably assume it’s too dark for paler skin, but the peachy tone under the eyes actually really works. Coverage- this does the bare minimum coverage needs for a one who barely suffers from dark circles, let alone the severe ones.

Recommend it? Nah!
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