People adore MAC Cosmetics and they are always expected the best of the best of the best of the best. But they aren't perfect. No brand is, and this mascara is an example of that. Everything about it makes it appear that it’ll be a great mascara though. The packaging is adorable and I am going to be honest, it is REAAAALLY hard to impress me when it comes to mascara! So, this one wasn't bad, but it definitely was not my favorite! Not that this was a terrible product, it was okay, it was really dark, but it just didn't do for me. But then again, I am probably the pickiest mascara buyer EVER! From the moment I unscrewed the wand and I knew this mascara just wasn't going to work for me. First, let’s look at the packaging…

The Mascara comes in a classy stylish plastic tube with a long handle. The long handle needs special mention as it gives pretty good balance and hold which enables easy and neat application. The tube has MAC embellished, almost transparent, all over.

The wand, as you can see is a bit long and has spikes on it. The brush is one of the factors that make the mascara stand out. It helps in depositing the mascara evenly without any clumping. It reaches even the lashes in the inner corner effectively which is great. It separates the lashes well. It reminded me ,almost, of They're Real mascara by Benefit. The tip of the brush has tiny bristles to reach the inner corner of your eyes. The mascara by itself does not do much in terms of curling your lashes. But if you have already curled the lashes with an eyelash curler, then this will hold the curls well for a long time. The mascara does give some lengthening effect, though I wouldn't call it dramatic. But it does fare a bit better than the regular ones.

Volume: NONE! AND.. that was my absolute disappointed about it. I care most about volume, since I already have long lashes. It's the volume I lack and would look for in a mascara.

The mascara smells like some kind of chemical. The in extreme dimension mascara is not water proof, which I like. I am not a fan of waterproof mascara as you all may know by now. I don’t like the work it takes to get it off the lashes before I sleep, and thereby this works for me.
No swatch

With Mascara swatch

Do I recommend it? Nope. MAC has better mascaras. This just isn't one of them.

Any MAC lovers in the house? Have you tried this mascara yet?

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