ADIDAS Antiperspirant Deodorant Collection for Men & Women‏

New Formula, More Freshness, More Protection
Adidas Relaunches Antiperspirant Deodorant Collection for Men & Women
Stay one step ahead of sweat on the field and in everyday life with Adidas Cool & Dry for men and Cool & Care for women, Adidas’ new line of antiperspirant deodorants debuting July 2013. The all-new line reflects Adidas’ core values of fun, energy, authenticity, and humanity. Fun speaks to a formula that reliably manages sweat and odour, freeing you to pursue your passions without limits. Energy can be found in the all-new Active Freshness System, designed to invigorate with a new fresher scent and immediate fresh feeling. Authenticity means delivering an honest product, exactly as promised without superlatives or compromise. And Adidas keeps it human with technology that is easy to understand and packaging that is simple, convenient and ergonomic.

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