6 Steps for a flawless face- Foundation 101

Don't we all wish for a pure, soft and flawless skin? Have you tried many products but it didn't work out well for you? This post will give you further details of what I have come out with throughout my attempts to reach the ultimate skin perfection starting from the base of a natural glow with skincare, till retouching and polishing up with makeup.

The key to flawless looking skin starts with the basics. First, the skincare upkeep, like moisturizing, exfoliating, and protecting from the sun. But after that comes the tricky part: applying foundation. Take it from me. Its not just about applying & spreading all over your face , it’s way more complicated than it sounds.

First, you have to search for the foundation that will perfectly match your skin tone & type. You don’t want to look like a member of the Addams Family, you also don’t want to look like you grew up with the cast of The Jersey Shore. That middle ground can be hard to find! Then comes the covering, dotting, stippling, and blending—oh my! So I’ve broken down the entire process into nine easy-to-follow steps that will have you painting on your face like a pro: it’s foundation 101 time!

1. How to Pick Foundation Like a Pro:

First, identify your skin tone. You’ll fall into one of two schools: either cool (if you have blue veins on your arm wrist & jawline) or warm (if you have green veins on your arm wrist & jawline). If your veins appear green or your skin color undertone is yellow, look for “warm” foundations described as “tan,” “beige,” or “olive.” If your veins look more bluish and your skin undertone is pinky, then check out “cool” foundations described as “porcelain,” “ivory,” or “fair.” Lots of info, but it’s priceless prep. Always test the shade before purchase by drawing a line swatch of that foundation on your cheek dragging it downwards to your neck , not on your hand or wrist like we all do. We want to apply foundation on your face not your hand afterall, don't we?

2. Everyday Foundation from Start to Finish:

It’s settled! You have the product, so now learn how to apply it. This basic technique shows how to add your foundation first to your forehead, nose and the cheek area around your nose , and chin , and work outwardwards. Invest in a few fluffy or buffing brushes to prevent streaking!

3. Banish Zits and Dark Circles With Concealer:

No matter what you’re out to camouflage or hide on your face, you gotta do it with concealer. If you’re out to lighten up dark circles under your eyes, dab some on your ring finger, blot, then use a brush to blend all the way up to the eye. Pink or peach concealers are best to hide severe darkness. To mask zits, use a stiff bristle brush to grab a dense concealer and dab it on. Green concealers are best to hide sore zits. Don’t forget to set it with powder. There’s a serious secret to covering major skin spots like acne or rosacea: don’t cake on the makeup. Start off with a light base all over to even out the skin tone and then tackle the problem areas with a concealer or heavy foundation for a lightweight and natural-looking result.

4. Born to Blend:

Okay, so you’ve got all this stuff on your face, how do you blend it in? There are several techniques, each to his own preferences. You can blend up starting from bristly brushes to your own two fingers, but we’re intrigued by this pebble-shaped sponge called the Beauty Blender that works with all makeup formulas, even cream blushes! It is a must have

5. Get Glowing: How to Highlight:

Stuck indoors all day? Get a natural glow going with liquid highlighter. Apply to key parts of your face like your inner eye, under your brow bone, on your cheek bone, above your upper lip (cupid's bow) and blend it in to make your entire face shine. However, I would rather you prevent highlighting your forehead, nose & chin (T-Zone) with a shimmering highlighter as it may look like your are getting oily or shiny.

6. Contouring the Face:

And now, for the Photoshop (or plastic surgery as I call it) of makeup techniques: contouring. This method can seriously alter the way your face looks: smaller nose, longer face, higher cheekbones—you get it by mastering the intense balance of makeup that is too dark, too light, and right on-point. Intrigued? Once you understand the basics, check out what kind of contouring will work best with your face shape by Allure.

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