The Body shop Blushs review

Since I have praised my love for TBS many times before, I was quite disappointed with their blush range. I have those for a while now, and while I was cleaning up my drawer, I found those, barely used.These blushes are by far the worst blushes I have ever used. I didn't expect this quality from The Body Shop at all since I am very fond of the brand. I don't even know where to start.

First of all, the pot has a very weak pigmentation, I had to rub the brush heavily in the pot to come off with product. The lasting power is very weak, it barely lasted  2 hours on my skin. Oh and the pricing, for a regular nice product, I would say this is a bit pricey product, let alone the terrible quality. This product costs 140 L.E.

I believe The body Shop has updated their blush collection with their new color cursh ones. I have not tested them yet, however I believe I should since I also hated their lipsticks and ended up falling in love with their new collection. I actually do not have a problem with the shades, its the quality that I hate.

05 – Tea Rose – An orangey shade with brown undertones.  I believe that this co lour will suit anyone.  Its the perfect shade of blush that actually you can contour with and look naturally sunkissed, not tanned.

03 – Heather Pink – Its a beautiful pink with a slight hint of mauve or purple undertons. 

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4 comments on The Body shop Blushs review

  1. I had one of them too.
    not sure about shade right now but.
    most of thing I thought about that product was exactly "weak pigmented"!
    even if that was in low price,it was just sucks.also it was too shimmery I think.
    it really shame about their past cosmetic range products.
    but still hope they fixed with their new range because they actually have good products in their *main* range like we've talked already.
    and even those,they still picked pretty nice colours for those and may could use well if you want light makeup or something.

  2. I got one of TBS lipsticks a year ago and despite i liked the color when tested it in the shop but when i used it regularly hate it so much. from then I felt that will never try their makeup again. I think they are doing much better in Body and bath products even it still a little bit pricy. just my thoughts.

    1. I would say you are absolutely right if you told me that a year ago, but fortunately, they have updated their makeup range. I used to have the same beliefs as you do because of their terrible makeup products and ah-mazing skincare & bath products, so you can tell the difference. Check my other reviews on their new makeup range and you will get what I mean :). Thou I can't disagree with you on the price level. Thanks for following


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