Koshtban Interview

While I was surfing through the internet about the checking out what is new with fashion and trends in the Middle-East, I came across this account on Instagram of a brand called Koshtban. Koshtban is a well-understandable noun to tailors and fashion designers, which means thimble, a metal top that worn on a finger to prevent picking your fingers while sewing. With such a catchy name, I couldn't resist but contact the founder to know more.

After instroducing myself, Ahmed Owais, a hot stud, originally palastinian and currently residing in the UAE,studied international relations at the AUS and IT at the AUD, told me more about his project Koshtban and how it turned out to be what it is today- a place were you can resize, repair, restyle anything that has to do with fashion and many other stuff.

"Fashion inspires me..", says Ahmed, "I've always had a passion and keen sense for raising awareness and inspiring others to adopt trends that help promote a confident self-image. "
"A little over a year ago, This love for fashion culminated into a unique business, becoming the first of its kind in Dubai. The inception of Koshtban has enabled me to supply a previously untapped market and connect with individuals, while bringing to life my vision of fashion on a larger scale. "

"I'm incredibly fortunate to see my idea develop into the successful company it is today, providing high quality tailoring and a variety of fashion services throughout Dubai. Tailoring brands which range from indie to highly elite that meet individual needs and desires, is something I view as a means to increasing self-confidence and happiness within my beloved city of Dubai."

"Seeing local competitors adopt my idea and make it into their own is very flattering, and something I never envisioned when Koshtban was in its infancy. As a result, a competitive venue has risen within Dubai, that was nonexistent before Koshtban. This healthy form of competition is indicative of a significant market, and will only continue to grow and progress post-Koshtban."
"Koshtban will continue to distinguish itself from other tailoring outlets, through perpetual innovation and creativity, and tireless service at the convenience of our consumers. Beyond our fashion mission, Koshtban also has a social initiative, deriving great energy and enthusiasm by donating or repairing clothing to those less fortunate within Dubai."
"Koshtban is an authentic service, setting the precedent within the sector. We are not just another tailoring outlet, but a destination that everyone should experience."

Find out more about Koshtban, and more about their work, plus photos and features can be found here on Facebook.

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