I'm back!!

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack..yay! Staying away from blogging this long time is like staying away from chocolate for life. Its been two weeks since I last blogged, still typing with one hand though!

I hear someone saying, "One hand?!". Yes dear, I have my left hand put in a wrist brace for a while now. For those who follow me on Instagram may know what happened to me in the past couple of weeks. The reason I have been away this long is two actually: One- the other day I woke up to find my laptop dead and doesn't want to start up. Two- The exactly following day, one my way back from work, I got mugged on the highway. I was stuck in a traffic jam, and this guy ran towards my car, smashed the windows and stole my purse. Nothing of value, thank god, yet the experience itself was not pretty nice, specially when there were people around you watching, and no one had the guts or the decency to ask whether you were alright; plus the injury.

More posts will be coming up, not with the pace I used to blog with though due to my wrist, so more of fashion posts will be posts until my hand heals completely within a week to start reviewing once again.

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2 comments on I'm back!!

  1. oh,I never had really faced with any criminals in my life but that's so horrible what happened to you.
    that's not even like usual snatching that happening on the street but much more violent also could've even die with that if had bad luck.
    and can imagine how people are while watching it.
    they are in the part of crime too actually.

    get well soon★

    1. I cannot agree more. Thanks dear for your usual support :) :*


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