How to Fill in Your Brows like a pro

I have previously covered the part on how to draw your eyebrows perfectly for your face shape and type here, now I'm giving you tips on how to fill in your brows after plucking and defining them.

I like using an angled brush that is not thicker than the thinnest part of my brow ( M.A.C’s 266 or Sigma Makeup SS266 Brush). I have Light-medium brows but dark Brown looks unnatural and very, very dark on me, so I opt for something a little lighter with a touch of warmth, more of taupe shades suits me best. You do have to experiment with shades sometimes to find something that balances well with your natural hair color and your complexion.

When I have first grabbed product onto the brush, I apply in the middle, not the ends, as a lot of product will get applied on that initial application, and also your inner part of your eyebrows (head), should be the lightest part of your eyebrows. So, it’s better that I can blend it out to the rest of the brow than start at the edge where it might be too strong.

There are many tutorials on youtube that gives you a detailed tip on how to fill in your brows that you should definitely checkout.
I hope that helps

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