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Since this weekend is ruined because of all what is going on politically in the county, and with the start of the sale, I didn't want to waste the weekend in vague. Living close to Maadi City Center was definitely an advantage that I had to take. I woke up early yesterday and headed towards the mall.

I didn't find much of the items I wanted to purchase from Stradivarius, Pull & Bear, and other brands that is not available over there which I had to get today from the mall of Arabia today on my way to work. This is certainly a huge haul composed of makeup, clothes, shoes & accessories, and that is why I had to divide this post into two- makeup, which I have preciously presented in this post, and this one, fashion.

Here is what I got from Calliope. I usually do not shop from there, but passing by the store to see this on the display tables took my breath away. However What is bad about this knit is it catches on everything (and everyone) , from necklaces, rings, watches, belts, not so nice huh? But those silver threads woven within are so pretty. I got it for 200 L.E.

 LC Wakiki, I needed that from a night dress I got from Mango for my best friend's engagement party. I got it on sale from 80 L.E.

.. and I just realized I bought to many blues this haul..Gosh!

Now, Vero Moda.. I had maaaany choices but it was tricky coz I wad afraid of all the sequinted items to go out of trend in a month or two, so I decided to stay safe and bought those pretty, practical yet chic shirts.

I got this for 165 L.E.

.. and this was for 130 L.E.

Again blue.. got it for 165 L.E.

 Now. I headed towards H&M. Its very surprising that each H&M store I hit has a different collection than the other. I have no clue why. My fav. H&M stores are Maadi city center & Kattameya Downtown mall. Here is what I got.

Breathtaking, mesmerizing sequined silver flats. I can't imagine the number of outfits I have in mind for those. I got them for 200 L.E.

 I cannot describe this, I will let the photo explain (sigh!) I got it for 50 L.E.
 Bobbi pins, cooper regulars and wide-tooth gold. Each for 9 L.E.

Now, I have been looking out for that baby for a while now. A classic white denim that suits the trend all year round (yes, up in winter too). Found those last piece pair in my size for 70 L.E.
 Oh.. I almost forgot, the black sort of leather pants I got from H&M in this post , I got them for 260 L.E., but yesterday I found they were on sale for 170 L.E. Bummer! Better head of and get those before they are sold out.

 I cannot love accessories nor Accessorize more, this photo is not showing the beauty of this statement necklace enough. Tell you what, head towards the store and see it live. It was on 50% off sale and I got it for 88 L.E.

I have several items I have my eye on that I liked at Mango, Zara, Suite Blanco, Aldo, Nine West and Steve Madden that I plan to buy next week .I hope you liked what I got :) Do you have a favorite piece that you plan to get for yourself?

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