Bourjois Healthy Mix VS MUFE HD foundations

Throught the past 4 months, I have been looking for a good ( and affordable!) dupe for the famous MUFE's HD foundation. After trying and testing various drugstore brands, here is what I came up with.. the award winning Bourjois' Healthy mix foundation.

Both has the same consistncy, blendability, coverage. The shades used for the swatches are: 53 for Bourjois Healthy mix foundation, and 120 for MUFE HD foundation.
I have previously reviewed both foundations, the healthy mix review can be found here, and this is the MUFE foundation review.
Swatch in regular light: on the left Healthy mix and on the right MUFE HD
Swatch in flash  light: on the left Healthy mix and on the right MUFE HD

Want more dupes for High end makeup products? Which product have you been looking for a dupe for?
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