Bourjois Blushes review

No one can doubt the Bourjois is one of the best blushes created ever. Since Bourjois is the mother company of Chanel (yes, it is!), both actually has the same product component but with different packaging. So, technically, you are paying more for a Chanel product just for the packaging.

I have reviewed before the Bourjois blush previously in a blogpost, but I just cannot stop getting more of those baked beauties. Today, I'm reviewing three shades: 10 Chataigne Doree, 36 Peche Vitaminee, 34 Rose Doree.

Chataigne Doree
Swatch in sunlight
Its a bronze shade with brown undertones, with a bit of shimmer particle that are only visible in sunlight. Its a beautiful bronzing blush, yet I would not use it for contouring because of the shimmer & the orange undertones. This shade complimented my skintone and I believe its a universal shade that suits all skin colours.
Swatch in shade

Peche Vitaminee
Swatch in sunlight

It is a coral shade with gold shimmer particles, perfect for spring time. Its not too orangey, nor too pinky.
Swatch in shade

Rose D'or

Swatch in shade

A light pink with gold shimmers that adds a glow to the skin. Its not too bright and doesn't look fake on any skintone, again a universal shade only if built up properly.
Swatch in sunlight

Those blushes are pigmented, pretty vanilla scented, didn't cause me breakouts, paraben-free.  Its low on talc, less powdery & finely milled. There is a huge range of shades to choose from to your wish.

Do you have any of the little round pots blushes? Which shade? which is your favorite?
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4 comments on Bourjois Blushes review

  1. sadly I haven’t tried any of bourjois product,except the Delice de Poudre series #51,#53.(aka chocolate bronzer.#53 is highlighter)
    well,have you tried it?
    to be honest,those products are not so pigmented.and I got as present so not sure about price bu expensive I guess.
    but smells pretty nice on skin and I liked that bronzer has no shimmer like that most of them does,
    anyways,back to the main topic.
    about the blush,
    my sister was using and may would be bad for some peoples but I liked that smell<3
    and pigment,seemed nice too and I’ve been interested with those also their eyeshadows.
    but all of their products seem too expensive,especially when they are in outside of europe,cause of including the price of importing.
    and I still haven’t tried...
    how long time is that last till completely finish using whole package?
    may I could estimate if it worth to try with almost 2000 if in USD(in my home country)
    and nearly forgot!
    I never knew they are mother company of Chanel!
    and ofc,that’s bullshit that they getting paid with silly packaging.
    that is the one of reason why I never use high priced products.

    1. Well, I have not used the other two yet, but I have been using the pink one now for a year now, and have only reached half of the pot. I got that blush in Egypt for almost the same price u get it at your home country but it is totally worth it. :) I'm glad you follow my blog, The Vanity. Please follow me on FB, Twitter and instagram too for more exclusive and personal information :)

    2. thanks for your personal information as always!
      may I will try it out!!
      now I don’t want waste money for those things so I’m waiting for that moment and making list.

      btw about sns,I actually don’t own any of them I mean,I used but no longer.
      so,sorry but no worries,I will keep following you here on blogger :D

  2. *not almost,(also I put two extra 0 by accident before.sadly it’s still cost a lot though) they actually cost like over 21 in USD*


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