What is in my Makeup bag December

This month, I changed the components of my makeup bag drastically, I even changed my makeup bag. The reason of that is my skin changes with the change of seasons and weather (don't we all?) and since this week has been crazy in Egypt with all the rain and cold (..and snow!), my skin tended to be a bit dry, pale due to the lack of sun, and ACNE prone for some reason which rarely occurs to me (ask me how ACNE & dry, I have no idea!)
 My makeup bag is a very old Gucci makeup bag I have almost never used, my dad got me from Italy 7 years ago (..or so), its very pretty but tiny as well and maybe that is why I never bothered to pack all of my STUFF in it since it won't hold EVERYTHING I need.

In it, I packed my newly loved M.A.C's Hibiscus Kiss Bronzer Blush duo, which has the perfect 2 shades of blush and bronzer that suits my pale skin this month. Labello lipblam in Strawberry to hydrate my dry winter- irritated lips. Riri Woo Lip glass by M.A.C that suits a day to night look and lasts long enough to reapply if I'm heading somewhere after work.

For my complexion, I included Benefit's Porefessional to subtly hide my enlarged pores around my nose and top of my forehead to use in the days I do not want to apply foundation, or as a primer underneath the foundation. To hide my blemishes and ACNE, I used NYX's Concealer in a Jar in beige. It's consistency is thick enough to hide both my severe undereye circles and my newly acquired blemishes. I got 3 shades of this concealer: Yellow, beige and orange. I will review and swatch all of them soon for you.

For my lashes, I am still in LOOOVEEE with Rimmel's Scandeleyes Lycra Flex Mascara that I restocked on it and going to restock more till I find a new one to love. I have a thing for fat brushes and this is the one for me <3 It give me thick lashes from the roots to the tips and accentuate my lashes that I barely need one coat of it.

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7 comments on What is in my Makeup bag December

  1. dry skin actually is a one of trigger of your acne at least this time,I think.
    skin gets more sensitive when it's dry and I think some of your skins' layer broke cause of dryness and grew acne from that point or something.
    I think it's like infection when you get scar and some virus go inside of your skin from that scar.
    I don't think that acne you got is the one came from some inside condition.
    so you just need to keep your skin moist I guess.

    hope it helps bit<3
    and take care with your health too cause dried air is good condition to grow some kind of virus also drying your throat etc.
    many of body parts gonna have immunity without moist,and skin is one of those.but never means that immunity gets strong as much moist,anything that too much can be bad you know haha
    take care anyways!
    it's so dry over here and drying my throat every time I wake up too</3

    1. I would have to agree with you, I think you are right. That helped a lot thanks dear :) Just get a humidifier to help with the dryness in your room so you won't wake up with a sore throat. :) Stay well and healthy. <3

  2. suddenly I feel like I am exaggerating with my make up bag

    1. @ayat Seif Elsnasr

      1x blush ( elf studio
      1x sample jar with my cream bronzer ( the actual one is too big
      eye shadow primer tube
      1x sample withmy bronzer ( actual too big
      eyebrow kit
      eyebrow pencil
      white pencil ( eye)
      black eye pencil
      brown lip pencil
      2 x lip stains ( minis)
      eyeshadoq mini single
      fan brush
      lip brush
      blend brush
      hand cream in sample jar mini
      higliter mini
      brow brush

    2. well, I keep my makeup bag minimal because I tend to apply makeup at home, and only throw in the bag the product I will need to reapply while i'm away. you can get the brown pencil that has a brush at the end. It's very portable and won't take place in your bag. you can also apply eyebrow gel that tends to stay in place before heading outside, so you won't have to pack your brow kit along. Also, lip stains are intended to stay all day on your lips, so all you have to do is apply that before heading outside and only pack a lipstick or a lipgloss along for reapplication. Handcream is a must, I must have forgot to include that! There are a lot of products u can leave home before heading outside if you are bothered by the size of your mkaeup bag, that will also save you time if you are outside and won't take a lot of time looking within all those products for a single item. ;)

    3. I have a special bag with compartments, I leave the home also with make up.I have them in case of


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