The New Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick review

If you haven’t already heard, The Body Shop just launched a new line of lipsticks to replace the much hated Colourglide lipsticks. I was talking with The Body Shop's regional manger the other day and he mentioned they had replaced it because a lot of TBS' customer's complained about how sticky, drying and weak color payoff the Colourglide's had. AND, its because of customers like you and me, they have replaced it. YAAY! So, our complaints do count and they actually take our notes into consideration to meet the customer's satisfaction. So, don't be passive about your dislikes and inform them of your suggestions.

The New body shop Colour Crush Lipstick comes in MANY different shades. Worlwide, its available in 23 shades, I'm not sure about Egypt though, I actually didn't check back how many were they..but I will defo check and get back to you:( Boohoo ( hashtag bad blogger !!)

The 100s are reds, 200s are pinks, and 300s are browns, and the shade I am reviewing today is 240-Damson in Distress, which is a dark purple/berry shade with blue undertones. 

I have a thing for dark, purple lipsticks at the moment. I think they are incredibly sexy and alluring and this one compliments my winter pale skin perfectly. It’s love!

OK, So I've already raved around about this lipstick, and it's not for nothing! It's simply amazing. First off it's such a beautiful color! A nice berry shade without being to bright. Usually Blue-undertoned lipsticks do not look good on me at all, but this one is a keeper, and a perfect shade for winter. Second, it is easy to apply and it doesn't dry out the lips at all, on the contrary,
and unlike the previous ones body shop used to release were very sticky and drying and used to irritate my lips, it moisturized my lips that I didn't have to apply chapstick in advance. They’re not only creamy and apply smoothly, but the pigments also stain the lips. Also has a subtle rose scent. (a plus <3).

Long lasting, it lasted 5 hours with me, and left a stain behind. I DID NOT retouch, and I only got that longevity quality from M.A.C and YSL. Unlike the older version of The Body Shop lipstick, they didn't last long enough, but with the new colour crush one's, I'm amazed.

It's definitely a lipstick you can wear without liner and it's one of those you could just throw on whatever your business should be. It's not too glossy, so its wearable for daytime too.

The packaging is not much to love for, yet, its very practical to carry around everywhere. Definitely a winter fav <3 (since winter has just started in Egypt..crazy weather!)

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2 comments on The New Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick review

  1. Colourglide collection was actually horrible.just honestly.
    how those were drying lips,no lasting colours,and cursing lips.
    that was really sad as I liked the shade from the one I got (22).
    and left trauma forever.
    and yeeeey<3
    nice to read your review of their new ones!that seem fixed almost every problems they had before!!
    I actually wonder why they'd done that shit though...yeah they are not brand that mainly working for makeup products.that's more like their secondary.and most important is how they are NOW!

    I like the colour you picked too!
    well THAT smell fixed too right?
    can't wait to try them out after long time.
    now the problem is that I couldn't find The Body Shop near I came living...
    interesting how's the winter in Egypt too :D
    in where I living now is feel like one of worst winter</3
    not cold,strong sun...not my kind......haha;

    1. HAHa I would rather to be in your place rather than this gloomy cold weather!. They definitiley have fixed the smell :) much better than before! Thanks for reading my posts :) I really appreciate my followers commenting on my posts. I totally agree about what you said that TBS is not a Makeup brand, but reaching that quality along with their skincare is amazing.


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