The Body shop Japanese cherry blossom fragrance review

I think this brand deserves more recognition as I really do feel like they give the customers what they want, plus they're always doing special offers, The Body Shop used to be quite unaffordable, but thanks to their new genius offers, I can afford to shop there daily (yuppeeeee!). 
received several requests to review this fragrance. I cannot speak much about the longevity, since is a fragrance mist, and as we all know, The Body Shop doesn't include Alcohol to its ingredients. However, this one contain 70% of Alcohol. I have to admit it is one of the amazing, refreshing floral scents I have used. Although it didn't last long on my skin, but it got hung on my clothes.

I believe if there is another version of this scent in an Eau de Parfum, I will defo purchase. I would really love to keep that scent on me all day. Its one of my favorite scents at the body Shop 

Are you, like me, The Body Shop loyal customer? Which is your favorite TBS product?
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