The body shop Camomile waterproof eye & lip makeup remover review

The body shop is always adding new products to their shelves, and for stupid economical reasons due to the political situation in Egypt, they haven't had new products on their shelves for months now. However, when they finally did, the PR team invited me over to their new store which I have covered before here.

I got to test out this Camomile Waterproof eye and Lip makeup remover, which I am reviewing now for you all beauties.

Info & Product claim:
This efficient make-up remover lifts away the most stubborn waterproof eye and lip make-up.
  • Removes waterproof mascara and lipstick
  • Gently removes all traces of make-up
  • Fragrance, colour and alcohol-free
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers
I have the lotion version of this, and I have loved it for ages, but I never understood why it use to irritate my skin when I used it. This liquid toner version is absolutely my favorite. Sorry The body shop, but I'm douching the lotion version for this new liquid one. Its super soft and super smooth and gentle on my skin on my skin that I actually now hate the lotion one I have used for 3 years now and kept repurchasing! Now that's what I call renovating our products as per our customer's satisfaction. This is official now, my makeup remover holy grail.

The formula that’s alcohol-free (yaay! no dryness after use) as well as fragrance-free. According to the Body Shop even sensitive and contact lens wearers will find the formula gentle enough to use. It doesn't give me cloudy vision after use nor does it leave my eyes feeling greasy. It swipes away 90% of my makeup but I did notice it left traces of waterproof mascara behind. I even did not feel I wanted to slash water over my face afterwards, this formula is very water-like.

I never actually said that about any skincare product, but I would give it an easy A+ rating

This post features a press sample.

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