The Body Shop All-in-One BB Cream review

Over the last few days I have been testing out The Body Shop all-in-one BB cream. Already being a BB cream fan and The Body shop loyal customer, naturally I had high hopes for this product.

Let me start by saying, why is this BB cream in such a small size? This tube is a 25ml, I know a little goes a long way but a slightly bigger tube would be lovely, especially as the retail price for this particular one is 160 L.E.! Secondly, the scent....and you know me with not that amiable!! Right, now I've got the negatives out of the way let me tell you about some of the positives that this has to offer (it isn't bad at all!). 

I like the packaging and the tube that it's in, it looks sleek and smart, the silver packaging makes it look elegant and a definite add on to your makeup bag. 

The product is off white in color when it first comes out of the tube, but when applied to the skin it immediately matches your skin tone. You blend it in and it seamlessly melts into your face leaving you with a flawless and smooth finish. However, The consistency is quite runny, but I believe runny is better than thick, coz thick for me means heavier on the face and I like to keep things light.

I found that it did apply nicely & easily, a little runny as I mentioned earlier so best applied with a foundation brush. I used Ecotools buffing brush, which helped working it in the face to make sure it is properly blended. This will also allow you to get just the right amount of the product onto the face and be able to distribute easier than if you were using your fingers. For slightly combo to oily skin, you will needs to seal with a touch of translucent powder to stop the oily look.

I have been using the shade 01 which is a light shade and turns a nice neutral beige shade on the face when applied. I've found that it feels very light to wear and does give a lovely coverage, it doesn't feel heavy on my skin at all. I like the coverage it gives and that it adapts to your skin tone. I'm also quite impressed with the staying power it has, I haven't needed to touch up my makeup in the day at all.

So do I like the Body Shop all-in-one BB cream? Well I do but I've tried better for the same pricing. I do not reccomend it though for those with oily skin. There are 4 shades of this BB cream, which is another downside to it as there isn't much variation for deeper skin tones.

Has anyone else has tried this BB cream? What are your thoughts on it?

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8 comments on The Body Shop All-in-One BB Cream review

  1. I've got kinda trauma with the body shop products since I'd tried their lip stick and especially foundation.
    their makeup products basically seems having too much smell (you know that smell?maybe because of sunscreen inside of them or something?smells like that to me.) with fragrance-free sign.
    also those products gave me kind of skin irritations.
    may just too strong to my skin...any cosmetic brand or products from the body shop recommendation for sensitive skin?
    I thought that the body shop would be good but wasn't really matching to my skin...
    I liked earth lover bath gel and the sparkler though

    1. Hello A. I know exactly what you mean, but they seem to have improved with their makeup range lately, causing me no skin irritations at all; coz I have tried their new lipstick and honestly I was amazed. A review about it will be coming up next week, And, the smelly issue is not in the lipstick, although it exists in the BB cream. They Have also the new bb cream with vitamin E that I believe suits the sensitive skin, yet I cannot confirm that coz I have not tried it yet. The body shop's products is all made of natural ingredients so it is not supposed to irritate ur skin.
      You can also try Lush, its all made of natural ingredients and no preservatives, thats why the expiry date is not that long. I will for something that will suit your skin and will get back to you :)

    2. I was thinking about lush too!(that I've never tried before)
      and like you said,the body shop's making products with natural ingredients and that was the trigger that I tried.and still had hope.
      I think what damaged my skin from their product is some kind of sunscreen ingredients they using or something because with some of sunscreen my skin has same problem.could be alcohol or something but don't think the body shop's putting those to their products...(need check now)
      anyways,good to hear that they getting more serious to make makeup products!they used to focus on almost only bath products so looking forward to your new lipstick review :)

    3. Hello A. I believe it may be the suncreen, bec the Body shop do not use Alcohol in their ingredients ever, not even the fragrances. I bet you are going to LOOOOOVE the review. stay tuned ;) and thanks for following The Vanity I really do appreciate it. Let me know if you would like a review on a certain porduct

    4. thanks to YOU sweet<3
      I didn't know the body shop doesn't use alcohol even in fragrances!
      that's amazing and how should be too other fragrances are cause that alcohol smells just bad and not good for skin nor hair.the only thing can smell like alcohol is things to eat or drink in my opinion haha
      also I was checking your post about "lush" too yesterday and I never knew they have makeup products like you posted and now I feel like trying them out
      it's always scared to try some new things on my sensitive skin so really love to read these reviews also your replies<3
      fortunately I've got the problems with only foundations though still better to know the products the ones more good for skin / body really

      well may I'd like to know about the matte eyeshadows' recommendation :D reasonable ones as possible hehe
      thanks again sweet XO

    5. :) no problem at all, I loooove responding to my loyal readers <3 as for eyeshadows, the best affordable eyeshadow's are NYX and Milani. in fact, Milani is one of the really underrated brands, as it has the quality of M.A.C with the price of high street brands. I will try to haul Milani and will let you know. Any shades you prefer? :)

    6. yep!I've tried few products from NYX and they have good products many times★colour and ideas,I like a lot<3and still need try more of would be really good for me if you pick some of your favourites with review :) and Milani,I never had heard so excited to see your review of their products too!!
      and M.A.C is kinda overrated in some parts actually in my opinion.
      they putting prices too much with their names more than quality
      ofc they do have many of nice products though
      I just think they could make more reasonable prices
      well shades?hmmm I've been wanting for black one that REALLY BLACK and matte,then,matte red,glittery silver / gold,toy storys' matte little-greenman green,matte yellow / purple.mostly matte ones and in the end up anything really that you recommend<3
      I prefer matte or glittery ones because I don't like the ones like sparkly shiny.and I love matte or glittery ones.

      whatever,I'm looking forward for your upcoming reviews about the body shop lip stick and more ;)
      and please don't take my request too important and just keep it as one of idea for your posting or something and do whenever you feel like

    7. If I didn't take your request as important, then I won't be a worthy blogger :) Thanks for being a loyal fan


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