O.P.I Matte Top coat review

I have heard a lot about the Matte nail polish trends, seen a few swatches online and was really impressed about how they look on their nails, yet didn't get the chance to try it out or even, for some reason, motivated to head toward the department stores and buy on.

Two weeks ago, I received the O.P.I's Matte Top Coat sample in the mail, and I was like, "How come it didn't cross my mind to review any of the matte top coat lines?!" -booo..badbeautyblogger TAG!
Nail Polish before the O.P.I Matte top coat
Nail Polish finished look after O.P.I Matte top coat
 Now my verdict. You either love or hate a matte finish; I happen to fall in the former category. Don’t get me wrong; I do love a densely glossy crème polish, it just looks neat, just like bright new shoes coming out of the box. Yet, one of the reasons you should to love it for, is how goof-proof this finish is – no waiting around for a shiny top coat to dry. And then, there’s how matte top coats seems to slightly change the look of whatever varnish it’s applied over. Watching it happen before your very eyes seems like an optical illusion, just like MAGIC! What really amazes me about top coats is that its like doubling up your nail polish collection. Fact, huh? :)

It applies easily and dries fast, so, the matte effect appears fast. I would recommend OPI's Matte Top Coat if you are looking for something that will give you matte nails without the instant chip.

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