My Top 5 Makeup Products of 2013

As we are at the end of the year 2013, I found myself reviewing my previous posts on all the beauty products. I suddenly got this thought If I would a post on my Top 5 beauty products of the year 2013, it would be a huge challenge for me as I have quite a few in mind (more than 20 to be specific). I regularly to monthly favorites, so eliminating those favorites and deciding on my ultimate beauty product list was what I am doing now. It is like the favorites of the favorites *WINK*

I have two favorite Foundations:

2-Bourjois Happy Light

3-M.A.C pro longwear paintpot in Groundwork

4-The Body Shop Color Crush in Damson in Distress

Blush/Bronzer (this sort of cheating as this pack contains two products! ;) )

5- M.A.C Hibiscuss Kiss blush Duo

So these are my five favorite Makeup products from 2013. As mentioned in my previous posts, I would recommend all five of them to anyone, and I'll definitely be using them throughout 2014 too ( if no better products comes up). I really could have done at least twenty, as I have really liked so many products. I wonder what products will be on this list in December 2014?!

What are your favorite Makeup products of the year 2013?
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