M.A.C Riri Woo lipglass review

This shade (whether lipglass or lipstick) has been the gossip of the world for a while now, why? Becuase it is the ultimate red lipstick. I believe it is a universal shade of red that works with whichever skin tone you have.

M.A.C describes it as a "Cool red Cream", its defintely a cool shade of red, and defintley creamy. It's not shimmery nor sparkely. Its a shade you can swear by. It has an opaque color coverage but slightly translucent, where your background (natural) lip shade comes through. It has a glossy finish.

I believe that the Riri woo lipglass is slighting less thicker in consistency than the usual M.A.C lipglasses  
 The Packing the trademark for the Riri Hearts M.A.C rose gold collection with the "R" signature for RiRi on it. This is a high maintenance lip product that only who can maintain the power of its red shade can wear it. I honestly do not do cool reds, but this, but its creaminess makes it more wearble for me. And, a definite add up to your makeup bag <3.
The scent, the usual vanilla scent that made  me fall in love with M.A.C lip glass in the first place. However, this lip glass was not hydrating for my dry lips, neither it made them drier, its just didn't have enough hydrating properties.

The applicator is the regular lip glass/gloss doe foot one. Lasting Power: Lasted fairly for 4 hours with no reapplication.

This lipglass costs $16.50

This post includes Press Sample sent for a review
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