Chrismtas Stocking fillers

Since everyone has been running around fetching for Christmas gifts, and since some of us is till today quite confused about what to get, a few weeks ago I did a post on The Ultimate gift guide for Xmas for her and a previous one for him as a solution for your predicament. As a sequel to the series, I am doing a stocking fillers ideas post for those who are looking for quick affordable gifts that fit the red socks.

Here are few items that would make ideal stocking fillers or individual gifts.

Nails Inc set - you can gift these to one person or use the same as stocking fillers. Either ways it makes a lovely gift. All colours are very Christmasy.

Soap & Glory Manicure Set - who doesn't like a little Soap & Glory treat?? This set includes the very infamous S&G hand food, nail polish, scrub, moisture glove, buffer and cuticle stick.

Lush - absolute no occasion required to gift your loved ones a Lush hamper. Always welcomed. And look at the packaging. Give them in a box or fill those stocking with well wrapped soaps, bars or lip scrubs.

Bourjois Mascara Volume Glamour Max Holidays
90 LE - a very affordable option that is actually of use. Who does not want a travel size, yet convenient mascara to carry around everywhere?

Maybelline Collosal Kajal 35 LE- Since the high rave after the opening in Egypt, I headed toward El Ezaby Store, and got this amazing eyeliner, that actually does stay in the waterline as a kohl, and a blendable quick option for an easy smokey eyes.

Impress Broadway nails 65 LE- Again can be found in El Ezaby and seif store. An easy and long lasting press on nails for those who are on the run and need a quick mani.

Ecolotools buffing brush
-A girl cannot go without a buffing brush. This multi-use tool can be used to buff in the foundation to blend into your skin for a natual looking complexion. To blend contour with blush after application for a natual finish too.

Incoco Nail strips- again, an easy sub for a quick mani, including nail art, that doesn't harm the skin coz it does not prevent the air from reaching your nails.

Bourjois Nail polish gold and black holidays collection- A MUST HAVE for the holiday season. Christmas cannot be without gold and glitter, can it?

Flor Amazona Hand Cuff- A touch of trendy accessory can change your whole complete look in seconds.

The Body Shop-They have several stocking fillers like the small size of the body lotion or the shower gel and body butter. They even have the tiny size of their hair brushes and soap. AND, its already wrapped in a cute packaging, to spare you the hassle ;)
..a  Candy like trip body butter warp..

..a double set of body butter in a plastic bowl case..

...Shaped soaps and mini shower gels...

..and a lollipop-lip wrapping of their lipbalms.

Dirty Works Mini Gift set-as stated, mini luxuries of Bath soak, body lotion & body wash

Lush Santa's lip scrub- A Christmas stocking cannot be without one of those.
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This post has been written and complied by Ayat Seif Elnasr, and Fatma Aziz.
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