Bourjois 48 hour deodorant review

Bourjois, my favorite drugstore brand, always come up with new products that grad my attention. Like always, a month cannot pass without reviewing or featuring a new product from Bourjois. And, today, I'm reviewing the 48 Hour Deodorant.

At first I was crazy about it. The deodorant I got was the Cherry Blossom scent. The scent amazing and very refreshing and girly to the extent I applied it while I was only home and didn't have to head outdoors. It is very light-weight that I didn't feel I had anything on my skin.

However, (and it breaks my heart to say this.) I didn't like this deodorant for one simple reason, it didn't keep me dry, not much of an antiperspirant. Yet, there was no odour or anything of such.
If it wasn't for the product's promise, I would have given it a definite A, for the pretty packaging and the photo of a mannequin, the pretty candy-like scent and its lightweight.

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