Best 7 hair products for 2013

With the series of top 5 products of the year 2013 posts, I couldn't eliminate much when it comes to hair products. I am obsessed! I have a whole routine for my hair to prevent its damage since I dye my hair a lot and along with the shortage of sun and air due to Hijab covering, so I have to take care of my hair to the Max.

Moreover, with the coming up of harsh winter, we all know what that means to our skin and hair. Dryness and chapiness. Below are my top 7 (boooo, #badblogger ) hair products of the year 2013.

1-Suave Clarifying Shampoo.
2- L'Oreal Elvive renutrition shampoo.

3-Tresemme Smoothe & Silky Deep smoothing masque.
4-Philip B+ Light weight deep conditiong cream rinse.
5-Tresemme Smoothe & Silky Deep Vitamin H & silk protein conditioner.

Leave-in Treatments:
6-Tresseme split ends remedy conditioning treatment.
7-Pantene Pro V milky damage repair oil replacement.

Do you have a favorite hair product that you cannot live without? What is it?

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