Winter Skin Saviors

With Winter just beginning to kick start. Our skin under goes a not so flattering phase. Dry skin, chapped lips and dead cells will come across as a common issue to many. So battle it out, here are few of my most reached Winter Face and Body skin saviors.

Vaseline Body Wash – Keeping your body moisturized is needless to say the most important of all. Regular shower with a good moisturizing body wash will help achieve the same. I use the Vaseline 2 in 1 Healthy bodywash. It does a fantastic job and smells great. Leaves your skin soft and hydrated.

NIP+FAB Dry Hand Fix – Beautiful hands speaks volumes about a lady. NIP+FAB’s hand cream was a new buy I decided to experiment this month. And so far it is doing a fab job. Reapplication in every 4 hours may be required though. I apply it before hitting bed too.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream – Moving on to face. My holy grail to keep dry patches and spots at bay. It is one of the most highly recommended product for intense skin hydration and hence the name. Light textured and leaves your skin well balanced and toned.
Lush Popcorn Lipscrub – Last but not the least – LIPS! Chapped lips, a big no no. Lipscrub by Lush is a favorite of many. Leaves your lips silky smooth and they taste even better!

What are your Winter savior products? 

Photos & article done by Fatma Aziz, Thanks dear :)
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