What is in my Makeup Bag November

It's that time of the year finally when UAE residents gets to indulge in BBQ parties, slip into a smart looking jacket, sip a hot cuppa chocolate etc. however, winter also brings along with it a few skin problems. 

So one needs to accommodate a few extras in their make up bag. 

L'Occitane hand cream - my hands are always dry. It not only feels bad but looks bad too. I use the Loccitane's Rose to keep my hands moisturizer all day.  

Sally Hansen - chapped lips? Here is your perfect solution. Keeps them hydrated and smells good. 

Lush Popcorn Scrub - I carry on of these with me always. It removes any dead or dry skin away.  

M.A.C fast Play - my current favorite lipstick by MAC.  

Maybelline Soft Plum - rediscovered my love for this Maybelline cream blush. Super easy to apply and lasts long.  

Angel by Theirry Mugglar - though you tend to sweat less during winter. You never know when you may need one.  

Hope you liked my updated Whats in my makeup bag?! Let me know of you spot any Common favorites. 

Thanks Fatma for this post :* 
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