VeevaaMe - an interview with the Glamour distributors in the Middle East

VeeVaaME is a leading distribution company, specializing in beauty products and accessories. With highly-certified trainers equipped with the latest beauty techniques for salon operations, VeeVaaME's internationally approved portfolio also incorporates training to its repertoire of services. I got the pleasure to interview Rehab Fayed, the Managing Partner.

Tell us about you and VeeVaamee and How did it start?

VeeVaaMe started as solution to mending the huge gap that exists between the Middle East and the western world in the Industry of beauty. We were sick of having either to wait or fly out to get our hands on what was trendy. What started as a distribution and training hub for the latest in beauty products and services in Egypt and Dubai developed into a full on Glamour Hub by listening to our client’s needs. Our mission became to offer our clients a place where they can come and experience a wholesome transformation. We wanted to go deeper than just a superficial external transformation to an internal transformation as well. We expanded our services to include life coach sessions and workshops about various topics from nutrition to time management for the working moms. Our clients became part of the VeeVaaME community. The more we tuned into our clients the more we knew how to incorporate more services to create a Glamour Hub that had everything it takes to feel and look like a woman.

What services do you provide at your center?
We provide everything a woman could need to feel and look beautiful. Our services start from fabulous eyelash extensions, hair extensions to perfect airbrush tanning and everything in-between. Our popular CryBaby Mascara that lasts two weeks was just released and has been a huge hit. Our upcoming release in our new location is image consultancy where you can book to get styled for your body and for any event.

Who motivates and supports you?
Our clients. Our main support and motivation to keep adding on the newest and trendiest is to cater to them. A simple blow-dry appointment can turn into a full-blown relationship advice session. We were encouraged by our clients to start life coaching services and so we did. We love to host designs by local fashion designers and we help our clients dress according to their body shape and event and from there sprouted the image consultancy. We are always out on the hunt for the newest and best and we are hands on with our clients giving us the ability to cater to them on all levels under one roof.

What makes you different than any other beauty center?

We honestly refuse to be labeled as a beauty center because we go deeper to serving women as a whole not just on the outside. We take pride in the community that exists in VeeVaaME and the experience of getting transformed from the inside out. Our mission is to help women get in touch with the power of self-esteem not just get her hair done.

What else are you currently working on and what do you have planned next?

Our Glamour Hub is what we’ve been working on and it has been so exciting watching it come together. We have new products and services that were getting ready to reveal with the grand opening! Stay tuned!

Do you have any other branches worldwide?
We have distribution hubs and brand ambassadors everywhere in the G.C.C to allow the brands we represent to be available to all salons. Our Glamour Hub Flagship store is in Cairo and will soon follow in Dubai.

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