Saturday Morning Coffee

Yesterday morning, I went to meet up with my besties at Blaze, one of the pretty nice coffee-house/restaurant/shisha bar place in Cairo. It became very trendy the last couple of months, specially after the military curfew has been announced, it became our only getaway, specially there is no time to commute in Cairo traffic with the curfew is still on.

Of course, just like any fashion blogger, I cannot move around any more without my camera. Yesterday, I was wearing a very casual white T-shirt with a purple cardigan and jeans, nothing fancy. Therefore, it was not my day to take "outfit of the day" photos at all for my Instagram. However, I couldn't resist when I saw my fashionista BFF wearing an amazingly effortless chic and a perfect outfit for a morning coffee. I believer she pulled it off perfectly well. Immediatley, I dragged her out of Blaze and started taking photos of her like crazy.

Items are from:

Panta : Anthropologie
Top,Shoes & Bag : ZARA
Sunglasses : Ray Ban
Watch : Fossil
Ring: Brighton

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2 comments on Saturday Morning Coffee

  1. is "Anthropologie" available in egypt ??

    1. Unfortunately not Tayseer, however, they provide international shipping. Check it out here:


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