October Glambox Unboxing

October Glambox was all about pampering oneself at home by offering us all essentials for a mani/pedi. Weekend was the perfect day to unbox this baby….

A quick rundown through all the items:

The Pedi Peel – Exfoliating socks that helps remove dead skin. After application in 4 – 6 days the dead skin peels off leaving behind a smooth and softer feet.
KOKO Nails – These are the first of its kind Gel Look polishes. Application is super easy and no chipping whatsoever. I wore them for 1 week straight without facing any chipping issue.
Nail file and Buffer -  No mani is complete without a good nail buffer and file. And Glambox seems to have taken care of it too

B-Dry Salon Nail Dryer – Honestly I wasn’t very impressed with the packaging of the product. It looked to me like an explosive placed in my Glambox. However, the product does a good job. It helps set the nail polish quickly to avoid smudging.

KOKO Nail Soak Off Gel Polish – This polish is a no base and no top coat polish. Does the job of all 3 in one step. Promises 2 week manicure with no chipping.

All in all October Glambox offers a perfect Mani/Pedi kit. In UAE, all the above mentioned products are available in B-Connected Spas.

Photos & article done by Fatma Aziz, Thanks dear :)
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