Myra- An Interview with the deisgner of Boudoir des Lubies

A French brand that caught my attention recently, Boudoir des Lubies, which designs the prettiest and most practical handbags my eyes has set on, ever since Chanel and Celine. I couldn't help but browse through their products photos and, honestly, I was dazzled. 

I got to interview the designer behind Boudoir des Lubies, Myra, a young Parisian based architect and designer, who decided to pursue her dreams by creating a new brand using her designer background as an inspiration for the fashion market.

In 2011 she established the BOUDOIR DES LUBIES Paris. Using her typical French touch, she
commenced with luxury handbags and leather accessories, naming her first collection of scarves after the seven deadly sins.

Firstly, tell me about yourself, Myra?
I studied architecture at the Architecture school in Paris, not fashion. After my graduation, I worked for different firms, and then i decided to create my own label, inspired by architecture.
I design my products like an architecture project inspired by geometry and materials, as squares, and sharp lines.

How and when did Boudoir des Lubies start?
Boudoir des Lubies started three years ago. I wanted to create a design and accessories brand based on architecture, modern style and very high Made in France Quality.
But firstly, I wanted to make a design for women; maybe later on I will develop a unisex collection or men's collection.

What is your inspiration?
I travel a lot to find my materials, inspiration comes from travelling and architecture. I travel around the world in search of special materials to use in my collections. From exotic leathers
to metallic details I create concepts, ideas, and sketches.I bring amazing exotic skins from all over the world to France and send them to Atelier de Maroquinnerie. There, they have the know-how and transform my sketches and ideas to beautiful bags. 

I also love music, Jazz especially. It makes me feel able to create and design. It really inspires me. There are very nice places in Paris where we can listen to jazz music. Sometimes, I just go alone by myself for one or two hours just to disconnect and travel with the music and my soul, and then get back home with tons of ideas... and get ready for work.

What was the first piece you have made?
Varenne Mini was my first creation, it took me six months to finish it. But, my favorite one is Varenne MAXI KAKI.

Why that name specifically "Boudoir Lubies"? 
Boudoir means : Le salon des dames , which is a kind of lady salon where ladies meet to drink tea and talk about fashion,make up, try nice clothing and share a good moment. Marie Antoinette had a Boudoir.

Lubies mean:s whims. Ladies are picky and complicated, that's why I had the idea of creating changeable flaps in some of my designs, like the Varenne Mini, in order to give the option for women to change handbags everyday and never wear the same bag twice, without getting bored.

So, the universe of Boudoir des Lubies is a place where all women and fashion lovers find beautiful products with high quality finishing, inspired by architecture, and where they can change, transform and create their own bag by mixing colors and materials.

How many designers, other than you, work for Boudoir Lubies ? 
I am the only designer of the brand. I design everything, and I create the collection, but I have an amazing stylist,  Insook Lee. She is very efficient, who helps me find good combinations of colors and materials. We have been working together for a long time now.

Are your going for shoes anytime in the near future?
I can't say that shoes is the next step in our project, however, we are working on fragrances for now...but you know pretty hand bags means nice shoes, and I am waiting for the right time! Maybe in some years in the future.

Whats next with Boudoir Lubies ?
I'm looking forward to establish this little boudoir of fashion in very special places all over the world, like BERLIN, NEW YORK, SEOUL... and create a little world Boudoir des Lubies connecting women with a special CODE. 

Are you considering opening a store in Egypt or the Middle-East? 
Yes, definitely! We would love to open store in Egypt. Egypt is a famous country for fashion and movies, and also beautiful and stylish actresses. Egyptian women are very feminine, elegant, and loves fashion. We are also working on developing the brand in Lebanon and Dubai too.

What about Fragrances? What would be the main notes in your next Perfume? 
I will produce our new fragrances soon. I love white musk and jasmine. These two ingredients will definitely be the ones I choose for fragrances, and of course I enjoy sketching the bottle's design! 

Will you be offering an online shopping service on your website?
Yes, the Online store will be launched before the end of this year .
Products Lineup

Boutique Boudoir des Lubies
2 Rue Dupin
75006 PARIS
Tel: +33 9 81 39 33 29

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