My experience with Cry Baby at VeeVaaMee

Don't we all get tired of applying makeup on a daily basis, and wished that makeup would stay on for days, maybe months without harming our complexion? I do! In fact, there are a few makeup products I use on a daily basis that I just wish they were permanent. VeeVaaMee beauty salon has solved this out for you, presenting the Cry Baby nutritional volume lash treatment.

Cry baby is a volume lash mascara with a mixture of fiber and black color ink that adds the effect of mascara to your lashes, and lasts 2 whole weeks on your lashes before it starts to fade.

I did my lashes, 10 days ago, on Tuesday to be specific, and I have been really abusing my lashes to see how this would last for you, from Waterproof eye makeup remover, to water, shower, pool, cream makeup remover, facial wipes, rubbing off my lashes with my fingers (extremely painful and harmful, don't try this, like, ever!).

When I headed to VeeVaaMee, Their team was very welcoming. I went in a room with a huge lazy boy on which the pretty lady, Sara, sat me in for preparation and application. I had to go over to the salon without any eye makeup on to make things easier for her. First, she separated my upper lashes from the lower lashes with a sort of duck tape that is gentle for your eyes, and she taped my lower lashes to my under eye area. She then combed the upper lashes, curled them, applied lash primer, waited till it dried, and then applied a coat of the mixture/formula of Cry Baby with a mascara/like wand, waited for a while then applied a second coat. She did the same for both eyes, upper and lower lashes

The whole process took an hour. For my upper lashes, the formula didn't irritate or tingle my eyes, because I had my eyes shut all through the process, but for the lowers lashes it tingled a bit, but it only took seconds till the pain went away, with a fan/air blower aired directly to my eyes.

Usually, at VeeVaaMee, they apply several coats, but since I wanted a natural looking effect, I only applied two coats, like I usually do with my mascara.

The girl mentioned that I would need to redo the process every 2-3 weeks to maintain it, since it will start fading after two weeks. The formula doesn't have any side effects, and it didn't infect my eyes, nor affect my lashes by any means.

Why is Cry baby perfect for you?
If you apply Mascara on a semi daily basis and crazy about how your lashes should look perfect, then Cry baby is the thing for you. Cry Baby is perfect for summer days too, since you want to hit the beach with long curled sexy lashes without having to apply mascara that washes out from the waters.

How is Cry baby different from other products &/or mothods?
Tints fade. Extensions fall out. Strip Lashes aren’t moisture-proof. And they’re often expensive and laborious to apply.Cry Baby Semi-Permanent Mascara is a procedure that curls and coats lashes. This coating adds volume, length, curl and color to lashes, is 100% waterproof/ smear-proof and lasts two weeks, often longer. It’s ideal for active lifestyles as well as special events like weddings and vacations. 

VeeVaaMee beauty Salon is located in the 5th Settlement, close to Chouiefat, New Cairo

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