NEW YORK October 17, 2013 — Michael Kors orchestrated a digital takeover of New York City’s Times Square on World Food Day, October 16th, in support of its philanthropic initiative, Watch Hunger Stop. The evolving campaign raises awareness and funds to help solve the global hunger crisis in collaboration with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).

The takeover began at 6 AM, when 12 of the digital billboard screens in Times Square began streaming user-generated content, as well as information about World Food Day, on a 30-60 second loop. The objective was to drive viewers to watchhungerstop.com, the brand’s microsite, where they could engage, learn, share and donate to WFP. The billboards were updated throughout the day with dynamic content pulled in from Instagram (all photos tagged with #watchhungerstop) and from Phhhoto booths from the around the world. These Phhhoto booths—kiosks that create stop-motion GIF clips—were set up in select Michael Kors stores in New York, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Everyone who had their picture taken in a Phhhoto also received their GIF via text and was encouraged to share it on their social networks with the hashtag #watchhungerstop.

On the watchhungerstop.com microsite, redesigned and mobile-optimized for the campaign, users were able to view the same user-generated content—pulled in from Instagram and Phhhoto booths around the world—featured on the Times Square billboards. They were also able to delve deeper into the stories behind the cause. The microsite, an ongoing feature on DestinationKors.com, features editorial content, details about WFP and World Food Day, special messages from celebrities, activists and influencers, information about various ways to get involved, and links to purchase the special-edition 100 Series watch—a timepiece designed exclusively for Watch Hunger Stop. For each watch purchased, Michael Kors donates US$25 to WFP, enabling the delivery of 100 meals to children in need. Prior to World Food Day, Michael Kors had delivered more than 1.7 million school meals to hungry children.

 “Watch Hunger Stop is a huge initiative for the Michael Kors brand, and we wanted to engage as many people as possible in the most exciting way imaginable,” says Lisa Pomerantz, Senior VP of Global Communications and Marketing. “Digital and social media play a big part in our overall global communications, so we felt confident that engaging people via Instagram and other platforms would generate both engagement and real awareness of the cause of world hunger. Taking that media to Times Square brought it all full circle—the conversation took place both publicly and privately—and we’re thrilled with the results.”

Michael Kors is also pleased to announce that actress Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted wearing a Michael Kors #WatchHungerStop T-shirt in support of World Food Day while out in New York City on Wednesday, October 16, 2013.

The T-shirts were part of the Michael Kors “Watch Hunger Stop” campaign, an initiative to raise awareness about global hunger and to provide meals to children in need through a partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme. 

To order the watch, visit http://www.michaelkors.com/watchhungerstop
For more information, visit:

Michael Kors on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/michaelkors
@MichaelKors on Twitter: http://twitter.com/michaelkors
@MichaelKors on Instagram: http://instagrid.me/michaelkors (and via mobile)
Michael Kors on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/michaelkors.com

To learn more about WFP, visit http://www.wfp.org

*For every 100 Series watch sold, Michael Kors will donate US$25 to WFP. Please note that WFP does not endorse any products or services.

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