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With their limited editions available in stores now, I was lucky enough to receive a few for try out. Here's my take on them 

Snowfairy -I have been Lusting over this shower cream for long. I Finally got my hands on them...woop woop! Now to be honest the scent reminds me of antibiotics. You know the distinctive smell they have!! It's got a slight hint of strawberry too. Lathers well and moisturizes your skin deep.  

Santa lip scrub - Am a loyal user of popcorn lip scrub. Hence was super excited to receive this one. It tastes of diet coke. So all you cola loving peepz, here's your dream lip scrub. Does a fantastic job needless to say. 
Star Light Star Bright - if I could, I would treasure this bar soap on my counter basin forever. True to its name. The bar soap is coated with silver glitter however washes away. 
Orange Jelly Bar - citrus scents are always refreshing. This orange-y bar smells very much of oranges and helps cleanse your skin. The scent lingers for a decent number of hours.  

 Lush goodies make the perfect gift for every occasion. And with Christmas just around the corner they have some lovely sock filling sized products too
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