How to take off your stubborn glitter nail polish

After the Halloween or any other festive season, and we apply glitter to our nail polish, specially this f/w nail trend is all about glitter, we might find it a hassle to remove the glitter from our nails the regular way. I have read through and tried a few tricks searching for a resolution to this issue, and I found that a couple of ideas has worked out that I have compiled for you.
Cotton Ball Pieces Method
This method requires less than one cotton ball and nail polish remover.

First, unravel the cotton ball so that it several tiny tissue thin pieces about the size of your nails. Dip the tip of the cotton piece in nail polish remover, but don't submerge the whole thing, as this will make it drenched and totally soaked. Place the wet cotton piece over your nail and let it stand for 1-2 minutes. Take off the cotton pieces from your nails, et Voila..all that glitter is off your nails.

Glue Method
Use glue as your basecoat! Yes you have read this right, it does make the removal process a heck of a lot easier. However, I don't recommend this method for ladies looking for a durable manicure that will last a long time.

Fill an empty polish bottle with a 3/4 Multi purpose glue or crafts glue (you will find them at Sameer & Ali stationary), and 1/4 water mixture. Apply two coats of the mixture to your nails as a basecoat and wait till its dry before applying your glittered nail polish right on top.

When time comes to take off your nail polish, lift one corner of the polish off your nail with a cuticle stick, and the polish will peel right off.

Just a few important things before I go:
Never use tissue to remove nail polish. Tissue is actually quite coarse and will damage your nails.
My nails used to peel even when I used cotton buds. With these methods, my nails don't peel nor dry out anymore after removal.
Always wipe from nail bed to nail tip. Swiping back and forth and/or in the opposite way will make your nails peel.

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