Forget hair fall in 14 days and 3 steps only!

Do you suffer from hair fall? You are not alone: more than 75% of women in Egypt have the same problem, and 90% of hair fall is due to damage.

Pantene has brought together the country’s top experts: dermatologist Dr. May el Samahi, beauty experts Amina Shelbaya and Joelle Mardinian, hair dresser Kriss, and Editor in Chief of Amira Azzouz. They all partnered up with Pantene to give us the three-step solution: the Anti Hair Fall collection, which is all very simple. Just start with the Shampoo, then moisturize with the Conditioner with every wash, and finally, don’t forget to apply the leave-in Oil Replacement on your hair tips.

Commit to the healthy 3-step routine with Pantene Anti Hair Fall and use it at least twice a week for two weeks to say goodbye to damage in 14 days only.

Are you ready for the 14-Day Challenge from Pantene? Watch this video to learn more and share your comments on Pantene Arabia on Facebook.  

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