Fall & Winter Must Have street fashion

This is a simple compilation of what you must have to survive fashionably this fall/winter.
(Click on the captions below each photo to see more details about each piece)

1-Grey is the new Black
Whether a jumper, jacket, sweater, jeans, or bag. You must have something grey!

Gray Loose Knitted Jumper

2- Plaid & Houndstooth is back
 Plaid & Houndstooth is no longer for Scottish or school girls, play it along plain jeans or layer it under a basic cardigan, this pattern would work whatever it was whether a shirt or a skirt.

3-Army Green
An army green shirt or trench coat must be added to your wardrobe, not only for an on-the-run look, but you can also pair it with a statement necklace for a night out with the girls.

4-Boyfriend Jeans
Those jeans, surprisingly, and despite the masculine name, gives a feminine and a girly look to any woman. Throw away your skinnys girls and hunt your man's closet for a pair that would fit.

5-Burghandy/Wine Red
As we have mentioned before, thou wilt owneth that coat in wine r'd 'r burghandy!

6-Oversized Coat
 Paired with skinny trousers or mid length skirts will achieve you the perfect look.

7- Asymetric Skirt

8-Quilted Leather Jacket
You can stay worm and look good in those quilted jackets. The plain leather jacket is no longer in. Those can be found at Zara's & Choies.
Black Quilted Leather Look Biker Jacket

9-Ankle Chunky Boots
Chunky ankle boots add just the right amount of punk-rock edge to any look. 

Pointed High Heeled Sandal Boots

10- Signature Sunglasses
These sunglasses are the trend of the season. The first is from Prada and the other is from D&G which I have exactly the same one, however, in the links attached below there are exactly the same replicas from Choies from much less cost.

11- Detailed Clutch
Going for coffee in a hoodie or a shirt, or even a classy date, these bags are a must have for any outfit this season. Invest in a good signature detailed bag/clutch.

12- Bib/Collar Necklace
Wearing a plain T-shirt and want to add a touch of elegance to it in a minute, add to a collar statement necklace.

13- A printed scarf
whether in animal prints, geometric paterns, or paisely, a printed scarf must be in your wardrobe.

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