FAERY LANDS Tahiti By François Nars

Since 1994, Nars’ photographic compositions have been celebrated for their vibrant interplay of color and
form. While Nars finds inspiration everywhere, his abiding influence is old Hollywood glamour, with a
specific fondness for the romantic South Seas. After several trips to French Polynesia, Nars was so taken
with the region that he purchased Motu Tané, an island off the coast of Bora Bora. For over ten years he
has been capturing the landscape, the culture, and the people of this region with assiduous attention to
detail. In a departure from his recognized subject matter, Faery Lands is the first published collection of
his personal photographs.

Eschewing the digital format, Nars uses a large format film camera to capture the intrinsic beauty of the
islands and its inhabitants, offering the reader a private tour of this tropical paradise. The rich sepiatoned
portraits juxtaposed with radiant seascapes are nothing but bewitching. Faery Lands is a musthave
for style, travel, and culture enthusiasts.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: François Nars moved to New York from Paris in 1984 and debuted his first line of
lipsticks a decade later. Nars is founder and creative director of NARS Cosmetics. Giovanni Bianco is a
creative director based in New York, who works with Madonna, Versace, Miu Miu, Ferragamo, Zegna and
Missoni, amongst others.

Credit for the book must read: © Faery Lands, Tahiti by François Nars, Rizzoli New York, 2013. Images
are to be credited as © François Nars, Faery Lands, Tahiti Rizzoli, 2013.

By François Nars
Hardcover w/ slipcase / 11 ¾” x 14 ¾” / 288 pages / 250 color and b/w illustrations
US $100.00 / Can $100.00 / UK £62.50
Rizzoli New York

ISBN: 978-0-8478-4177-6
Publication date: October 2013

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