Chirstmas gifts for HIM: Male edition post

Christmas is just around the corner, and trust me on this, leaving the hunt for pressies till the last minute is not a really good idea. So, the earlier you get on this, the easier it would be for you, specially if you are in the hunt to buy Xmas gifts for men. They say we do not know what we know, well, you can say that about yourself. A girl can always be satisfied with a pair of new shoes or a signature bag. See? Easy! But when we ask you what you guys need, you go like I don't know!

Now, I've tried to make things arranged early this year, by gathering, fetching and investigating every man's needs (well, other than the ones we already know in!). This is a compliation, that I tried hard enough to bring to you, and make things easier for all of us girls, to get our men (whether dad, brother, boss, BF, or even Bestie) for Xmas this year.


Beckham Classic
Inspired by David’s flawless, style, David Beckham Classic has an ultra-modern signature.  A fizzy mix of gin tonic accord, lime and galbanum gives the fragrance an initial burst of effervescent freshness.  From this emerges a spicy yet crisp body of cypress, nutmeg and mint that entices the senses.  Finally, in the drydown, a blend of warm woody notes and addictive ambermax adds a refined elegance.   

Guess Night
Developed by renowned perfumers Antoine Lie and Francis Kurkdjian, GUESS Night’s fresh, invigorating scent is dominated by the masculine aroma of woody fougere. Passionate flairs of hot pepper, zesty notes of grapefruit and the sensual essence of vetiver compliment the core aroma for a long-lasting cologne that’s sure to get you noticed.  Modern and sleek, the fragrance’s packaging is as eye-catching and alluring as the scent itself.  The glass bottle is 360° faceted creating constant reflection of light. The electric blue edging detail and collar are reminiscent of pulsing night club lights.



Masion Martin

Marc by Marc Jacobs


Liking anything from this post that you would be getting for your man? I'm sure I am!

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