Accessories haul for November

Accessories is what completes the look, you can wear a regular T-shirt and dress it up or down according to the accessories you wear. Shoes, jewelry, watches, scarves, bags, shades and belts, each one of those are a must for every girl and you cannot leave the house without one of them ( about bare-feet!)

Those are my personal favorites this month that I have bought (some were actually sent as a gift as mentioned below) and couldn't resist their beauty. Every piece mentioned is unique in its own, and its all about details this month whether spikes, studs, gold flower embellishment and statement beads. To me, those pieces complete my day to day look from work wear, to night of glamour.

Gold spike kitten heels from Zara 260 LE
I have to admit, Zara's heels ain't the best walking shoes, however, they are all so pretty. So from now own, my Zara heels will be sitting shoes, for events, dates, weddings, and all occasions that I won't have to be running around in. This one caused me bristles, yet it looked so chic on my feet.

Dolce & Gabbanna sunglasses 1,800 LE

Aldo earrings 50 LE

Paquita Ruby Necklaces ( I got those as a gift from Jeri)

Jerrinice is 26 years old. Born and bread in London, Hackney and a (LCF) London College of Fashion graduate with a BA in Fashion Jewellery. She has turned her hobby into a full time career, so you can imagine how her products are of high quality with amazing designs.

Mayanas Bracelet (again I got this as a gift from Maya herself, how awesome is this!)

Like my accessories haul for this month? Which is your favorite?

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