Techno Wishlist

I'm starting to get really obsessed with Technology with all the hype about iphone, ipad, Camperas and Apple products.

So, I have compiled a wishlist of all the technology I would need to improve my blog and the quality of images we are presenting.

First of all I made a good search for a good Camera, honestly I couldn't find better than Canon's, and since I;m not a pro photographer, all I need is a good camera with a good resolution , I thought that 600D would do the job. Actually its even better than the one I need ,and I already have a Sony, nothing would surpass a Canon.

Since I'm a beauty & fashion blogger, I need to edit and polish the photos I post, and I need the good technology for it, and, who can be better than Apple? :) I would need something that has super editing technology and is super light so I can carry along everywhere. What I need is a Macbook Air.
However its quite dull, and since I have a pink obsession, adding a bit of pink accessories won't harm.
I might also need the new iPad for quick, on the go, sharing & posting purposes.

..and the right accessories for it.. the one and Only Marc Jacobs :)

Croc Embossed Tablet Envelope Clutch, $88

 That is all I need for my blogging purposes, ain't much huh?!

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